Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Have a question about your commercial floor mats? See if it’s answered below or call us at 800-468-0860 to talk to our factory experts. Make sure to download a Matting By Design Owner’s Manual too.

What is LEED, and how does floor matting contribute to it?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design. It is a program by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides guidelines for designing and building environmentally responsible structures.

Buildings can earn LEED ratings and certification, but products cannot. However, Matting By Design’s commercial floor mats can contribute to LEED in many ways. Contact us for more information.

What do I need to do before laying my floor mat?

Sweep and mop your finished floor before laying your matting on top. Unroll your mat following the guidelines in our Owner’s Manual.

How do I reposition my floor mat?

To easily move the mat, grab the corners and fluff air under the mat like you would a bed sheet. Find details in our Owner’s Manual.

How do I install recessed floor matting?

First, unroll your floor mat so it can lay flat and relax for a minimum of 24 hours. Then, sweep and scrub the recessed area, so the backside of the floor mat can properly grip the floor. Full instructions are listed on page 8 of the Matting By Design Owner’s Manual.

Can I roll my matting with the pink side facing out?

No. NEVER fold or roll the matting with the pink side out, even for a short time. Rolling matting incorrectly for as little as 15 seconds can cause damage in the form or stretching or wrinkling that may not be repairable. Click here to learn how to properly store your floor mat.

How can I keep my floor mat in the best condition?

Follow our daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tips found here. Remember to regularly inspect your floor mat closely for small damage that could become a bigger problem. Most small defects can be repaired by one of our technicians or a qualified subcontractor. Call us at 800-468-0860 for guidance on repairing the damage.

Who can answer questions about floor mat installation?

Contact Matting By Design’s Installation Advisor, at 515-295-3902 Ext. 53, during normal business hours, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., Mon. – Fri.

  Call 800-468-0860 or contact us now for a quote.